Creating new record types

Updated 2 months ago

All data stored in Beacon is simply stored as a "record" of a certain "type". Your Beacon database comes pre-packaged with a number of core record types, including:

  • Person
  • Organisation
  • Task
  • Payment
  • Subscription
  • Grant
  • Legacy
  • Fund

If you have data that you'd like to save that makes sense to fit into any of the above, you should customise those existing record types.

Got some data that's different? Read on!

link Create a new record type

  1. Go to the record types page

  2. Scroll down to the Custom Record Types section and click Create record type.

Custom record types blank

  1. Enter a singular and plural label for the record type - e.g. "Building" and "Buildings".

  2. Search for an icon by typing some keywords. (Note: we'll be adding a lot more icons soon!)

Choose record type icon

  1. Click Save Changes.

  2. The new record type has been created with a few default fields - but of course, you can customise these! See customise record types to learn more.


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