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Updated 6 months ago

Your billing and account information is all stored in the Billing section of your settings. Just click Settings in your sidebar, then click Billing.

Here you will see the details of your current plan, your usage against your account's limits, currently enabled features, and a summary of your payment fees for the current billing period.

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link Update card details

Towards the bottom of the page you can update your card details, and set a finance email address for any billing-related correspondence. Make sure to hit the Save button for any changes you make.

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If you have any questions about your billing, please get in touch.

link Tax

VAT is automatically added to your Beacon invoices when they are issued. This will apply to your technology subscription, fees on donations, and any implementation/services provided.

help_outline Want your official organisation name, address, or VAT number to appear on your invoices? You can add these in the Settings > Billing page.

link UK customers

If you're a UK-based organisation, you'll be charged the standard rate of VAT (currently 20%).

This will be clearly displayed on your invoices and receipts each month, and on the billing page in your account.

link EU customers

If your organisation is based in the EU, you need to pay tax at the current rate of the country you're based in.

Beacon does not add this to your invoices, but you're still liable. You'll see this the following on invoices:

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 16.07.13

The "reverse charge basis" means that you will need to pay the VAT directly to your local tax authority, rather than to Beacon directly.

link International customers

If you're outside of the EU, Beacon isn't required to charge you any tax. Please let us know and we'll remove tax from your invoices.


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