Fees on payments through Beacon forms

Updated 11 days ago

As detailed on Beacon's pricing page, Beacon takes a % fee for payments that you accept through Beacon forms. This can include:

  • Donations
  • Membership fees
  • Tickets
  • Any other payments you might use Beacon forms to accept

Depending on which pricing plan you're on, the % rate will be different. Visit our pricing page for a list of this rates.

link Single & recurring payments

On the pricing page, there are two separate fee rates on each plan:

  • Individual payments
  • Recurring payments

link Individual payments

For any individual (one-off) payment (usually via credit card), the single % fee will be applied.

Let's say you accepted a single credit card donation of £50 via a Beacon donation form, and you're on the Professional plan. The single payment fee is 2%, so the fee taken by Beacon on that payment would be: £50 x (2/100) = £1.

link Recurring payments

For recurring (regular) payments (usually via Direct Debit), the recurring % fee will be applied to every payment.

Let's say you accepted a monthly Direct Debit for a membership of £50 via a Beacon membership form, and you're on the Professional plan. The recurring payment fee is 1%, so the fee taken by Beacon on each monthly payment would be: £50 x (1/100) = £0.50.

link Frequently asked questions

link Does this include payments that we create in Beacon, but don't accept via a Beacon form?

No. If you're taking payments outside of Beacon (for example JustGiving, cash, or bank transfer) then we will not take a fee on this.

% payment fees only apply to payments that have been processed through a Beacon form.

link Is this fee on top of the fees taken by Stripe, GoCardless, or PayPal?

Yes. Payment processing providers like Stripe charge a fee for processing payments. Beacon charges a fee for hosting your forms, and these fees help us to keep improving!

link Does Beacon take fees on Gift Aid?

No. Beacon does not take any fees on Gift Aid, and we have no plans to do so in the future.

link Is VAT charged on fees?

Yes. If the Beacon fee on a payment was £1, you'll be charged the VAT on top of this £1 (£1.20, at the time of writing).

link Are the fees capped?

No, there is no cap applied to the fees. If you're taking a high volume of payments through Beacon, you may want to choose the top Premium plan to minimise your cost.


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