Claiming Gift Aid on donations made outside of Beacon forms

Updated a year ago

Beacon makes it easy to collect donations online with beautiful, mobile-friendly donation forms. These forms take care of processing payments, acknowledging donors, and making sure that all data gets saved to the right place - for Gift Aid and otherwise.

If you accept donations outside of Beacon, or have done so in the past, then good news: Beacon can still claim Gift Aid for you!

help_outline Before reading this article, learn more about how Beacon handles Gift Aid.

link Eligibility criteria

To claim Gift Aid, the donations must be eligible to have Gift Aid claimed on them. This article gives a detailed overview of the criteria, but the basics are:

  1. The donor must have a valid Gift Aid declaration
  2. The donor must have a full name and address
  3. The payment (donation) must be flagged as "Gift Aid allowed"

link Claiming Gift Aid donations made outside of Beacon

Beacon will automatically add any payments that are Gift Aid eligibile to your active Gift Aid claim. For donations that have been made outside of Beacon, you will need to:

  1. Create the donation as a payment in Beacon
  2. Create the donor as a person in Beacon
  3. Create the Gift Aid declaration, linked to the donor (person) in Beacon

For each donation, once you get to having everything ticked, you're done!

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 09.39.28

You'll also see that Beacon has automatically added the payment to the open Gift Aid claim:

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 09.41.23

link Tips for uploading donations

link Evidence of Gift Aid declarations

As a charity, you are required by HMRC to provide evidence that a Gift Aid declaration was actually made. If a declaration was made on a paper form, you must attach a scan / photo of the declaration to the Gift Aid declaration in Beacon.

link Gift Aid declaration dates

Gift Aid declarations must have a declaration date attached to them in Beacon - the date when the declaration was made.

HMRC has two offline example PDF templates for Gift Aid declarations:

Declarations that were only made for single donations should have the following set:

  • Declaration date = the payment date
  • Start date = the payment date
  • End date = the payment date

Declarations that were made for multiple donations should have the following set:

  • Declaration date = the payment date
  • Start date = 4 years before the payment date
  • End date = blank

These dates allow Beacon to use your Gift Aid declarations correctly, so we don't claim Gift Aid donations that are not eligible.


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