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Zapier is a simple workflow and automation platform for non-developers, with support for products like Eventbrite, Google Sheets, and Asana.

With Zapier, you can easily build workflows that connect Beacon to the 1,000+ apps supported by Zapier - allowing you to automate many of your manual data entry tasks.

link Connecting Zapier to Beacon

  1. To connect Zapier to Beacon, you'll need an API key. To get a key, reach out to us on Beacon support and we'll create one for your account.

  2. Go the Beacon page on Zapier's website (Beacon is currently in invite-only mode) and accept the invite to use Beacon.

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  1. Create a new Zap, and choose Beacon in one of your actions.

  2. When prompted to connect with Zapier, enter your API key and Account ID in the form

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  1. That's it!

link Using Beacon in your Zaps

The Beacon app for Zapier currently supports the ability to:

  • Create records of any kind (people, payments, etc)
  • Search for a record (e.g. find person by email)

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