Collecting event registrations with Beacon

Updated 6 months ago

Beacon makes it easy to collect event registrations online. There's no code to write, plus we take care of a lot of the things you probably don't want to worry about, like:

  • Data entry - so the data ends up in the right place
  • Linking records - so new event attendees are linked to their personal record
  • Email acknowlegements - so attendees get notified

link Quick start: Set up a simple registration form

link Create your form

  1. Go to Forms in the sidebar

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 17.03.13

  1. Click the Create form button, give your form a name (this will be shown on the form), and choose Event registration from the form type dropdown.

Create event registration form

  1. Choose the event for registration. Start typing in the field and it will show a list of matching events to link to.

Choose event registration form

  1. Click Create. Your form is already set to go - click the View form button in the top right to view your form with the default sections.

Default event form

  1. (Optional) Add a logo and choose a colour for the banner and buttons.

help_outline Tip: A logo with a transparent background usually works best.

help_outline Tip: We find darker or brighter colours work better than light colours!

Form design customisation

  1. (Optional) Customise the sections of your form by adding sections and fields.

Add sections to event registration forms

  1. That's it! Try running a test registration through the form. After the form is submitted, you'll see that the following happens automatically:
  • A new Event attendee record has been created
  • The registrant has been created as a Person record (or updated if they already existed)
  • The registrant is acknowledged immediately via email
  • You've been notified via email that the donation happened

check_circle_outline Forms can do lots more than just take registrations! Click here to learn more

link Acknowledging event registrants

When someone registers via a Beacon form, Beacon immediately sends an acknowledgement email to them.

Confirmation of event registration

You can customise the subject and content of this email, as well as the team member who the email is from in the acknowledgement area of the form settings.

Form acknowledgements

link Getting notified

It can be useful to know when someone has made a new registration through one of your forms.

In the notifications section, you can customise who receives email notifications from Beacon each time a registration is made, as well as the subject and content of the email.

Notifications of event registration Email notification of event registration

link Fixed data

When event registration forms are submitted, we automatically create the relevant records in your Beacon database. There's no manual entry.

Each time a new event attendee is created, you'll probably want to make sure it's categorised in the right way. For example, you could set some of the following on all new registrations:

On the Event attendee record:

  • Notes - 'Registered online via a Beacon form'
  • Status - 'Registered' or 'Not contacted' (if you needed to contact them later to set up more details like fundraising details)

On the Person record:

  • Interests - 'Events'
  • Type - 'Volunteer'

This is how the fixed data section helps you. It makes it easy to segment your data going forwards.

When new registrations or people are created via a Beacon form, Beacon auto-sets the fixed data on each record created (as well as the data that comes from the form).

You can customise the fixed data that Beacon sets to fit your needs.

Event form fixed data

For more details on customising forms, see our main forms guide.


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