Form sections and fields

Updated 6 months ago

Form sections are the meaty part of your Beacon form - it's the part that is actually shown to users of the form, and where you'll gather the information you need.

It's made up of two parts:

  1. Fields
  2. Sections

Fields allow users to enter answers to the questions you've posed, and are collected together in groups called Sections such as 'Contact preferences' or 'Personal details'.

link Remove a section

When you create a new form, it adds some default sections and questions relevant to the type of form that it is. Most can be removed if you don't want them for any reason, simply click the Remove section button in the lower right of each section.

Remove section

link Add a section

  1. Click + Add section.

Add section

  1. Click General fields.

Tip: If you've removed any default sections, they will also appear in this list. Click them to add them back.

  1. Give the section a title and description.
  2. Choose which Record type you'd like to receive information about.

help_outline Each type of form will have different record types to choose from in the drop down list. e.g. Event registration forms will only show Person and Event attendee, and donation forms will only show Person, Payment, Subscription, and Gift Aid Declaration. Signup forms have the most options, since Person records relate to lots of things!

link Add a field to a section

You can add any number of fields to any sections you've created for your form. These are the fields of the record type you've selected. If you'd like fields from another record type, simply create a new section.

Add field

link Changing the order of sections

We want you to be able to display your forms in the order that makes most sense to you! Simply drag and drop the sections to re-order them however you like.

Drag and drop form sections


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