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Questions & Answers
Explore the common questions and answers about Beacon
We're already Beacon customers. Why the new pricing and what does it mean for us?
You can find out more about the reasons for the recent update to our pricing model and a description of what is different here. You can find out more information about switching to new pricing here.
Do your prices include training?
In-app chat and email support is available on all plans. Our online Lighthouse training is also available for free. Need more in-depth training? Our Solutions Partners and Implementations team are here to help. You can find out more on our Implementations page.
Do you charge fees to collect payments on Beacon forms?
No, there are no fees payable to Beacon to collect payments via a Beacon form. Our payment providers (Stripe, GoCardless, and PayPal) will charge you a fee to process your payments, but Beacon will not charge anything else. Gift Aid processing does not incur any fees, either.
What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?
We process all credit card payments securely using Stripe. If you're on an annual plan then we can invoice you annually. Paying annually comes with a 10% discount. You can find out more about paying for Beacon annually in our fair billing policy.
Do you offer discounts for read-only users?
Yes, read-only users don't count towards your user limit on any plan. You can find out more about how read-only users work here.
My team would like to cancel our subscription. Can we get a refund?
You can choose to cancel your Beacon subscription at any time by contacting us. You will not be billed again after we've cancelled your subscription. We do not offer refunds.
Didn’t find the answer you are looking for? Contact our support
Contact our support
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