Free ebook: How charities are adapting to Covid-19

David Simpson Posted on 16th Apr 20 by David Simpson

We've interviewed charities across the sector and condensed their suggestions, observations, and strategies into this handy guide.

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has had a huge impact on charities. We spoke in depth with a sample of Beacon customers of different sizes and with different missions, to see how they are coping with the status quo. We asked them about the new and innovative ways that their charities have found to cope with the challenges that have been thrown their way.

Changes for employees

Offices have been shut down for everybody and organisations have had to transition to remote working quickly. We spoke to charities who are managing teams in the UK and abroad to see the best practices which are emerging.

Challenges facing beneficiaries

Charities whose main mission is direct contact with their beneficiaries, particularly in a physical space, for example, a drop-in centre have been hugely affected and have a real need for finding alternatives that reach the people they want to help. The ebook contains some real stories from charities who are managing these problems.

The effects on Fundraising

The pandemic has already had its impact on charitable fundraising and this in turn impacts service delivery. While it is more important than ever to fundraise, it is also more difficult.

We've collected a number of tips for finding new fundraising opportunities in the current climate.

Fun ways to stay connected

We've got some solid gold ideas for keeping your team connected while working from home.

You can download the full ebook from this link.

Beacon makes running an organisation with a remote team a breeze. If you would like to learn more about how Beacon could work for you, you can visit our website or email David directly at [email protected].

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